(Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons)


NEXT PERFORMANCE: 28 – 29 October 2017, Old Red Lion Theatre, as part of the London Horror Festival. Tickets here.


The 1980s. America is gripped by Satanic Panic. Secret rituals and devilish practices are taking place across the country, destroying the minds and lives of the American youth. But the most diabolically terrifying threat of all is Dungeons & Dragons: for some just an innocent role-playing game, but viewed by many as a gateway to corruption, violence, and SATAN. Thankfully, the forces of good are fighting back…

BADD is a darkly comic presentation on the multitude of Satanic threats hidden in seemingly innocuous everyday objects and media.

Premiering at the VAULT Festival, London, before a run at Brighton Fringe, Hermetic Arts presents a new show, inspired by true events, written and performed by Carrie Marx, and directed by Chris Lincé.


“Pam, played by Carrie Marx, is incredibly well realised. …she is one of the Fringe’s most memorable creations.”


“…Pitch perfect writing and direction, it ascends to much greater heights, and is hilarious as it is heartbreaking. By the time it ends, Pam will almost certainly have become one of the most memorable characters this fringe, and Marx’s incredible performance will have you haunted by nightmares of pink pantsuits and Christian conservatives for many nights to come. One of our Fringe Favourites this festival for sure.”


“BADD is a well-worked laugh-out-loud comedy, with obvious appeal to geeks like me but enough universal reference points to transcend its niche. If you’ve ever rolled a d20, you won’t want to miss it. And if you haven’t, see it anyway; BADD is good for everyone.”


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Carrie Marx

Writing credits: happy (formerly i hope you are happy, co-written with Thom Sellwood, produced at Reading Fringe 2016, VAULT Festival 2017, and King’s Head Theatre’s Queer Season 2017) and The Segue Sisters in Jailbirds (which she co-produced at Edinburgh Fringe 2011 with AlleyKat Productions); also contributing writer for NewsRevueFounder of musical comedy group The Segue Sisters in 2009, Carrie works extensively as an actor and musician in theatre and on the comedy and cabaret circuit, and last year was in a successful run of horror revival Darktales by Tim Arthur, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Chris Lincé

Directing credits: Success Story by Brett Goldstein and Restitution by Emily Juniper (London and Edinburgh), and short pieces for Ugly Sister Productions/The Story Project. Story editor on the feature film SuperBob (dir: Jon Drever, 2015), and has developed and directed numerous stand-up comedy shows (including four with comedian Brett Goldstein). He has also created music videos for Pig With The Face Of A Boy, Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury, Isabel Fay, Tara Flynn, The Segue Sisters, and Phil Nichol.



1 – 5 March 2017 at VAULT Festival, London

29 May – 4 June 2017 at Brighton Festival: Sweet Venues, Waterfront 2

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