About Hermetic Arts


HERMETIC ARTS is a multidisciplinary producing partnership, creating genre work in theatre, film, podcasting, and animation.

Our first show, BADD (Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons), had successful runs at the London VAULT Festival, Brighton Fringe, and London Horror Festival in 2017. Written and performed by Carrie Marx, BADD is a theatrical exploration into the 1980s US Satanic Panic. Our second show Unburied ran at VAULT Festival in March 2018, then at Brighton Horror Fest and the Soho Theatre.

Hermetic Arts’ new show, April premiered at the London Horror Festival, October 2018, and will heading to the London VAULT Festival in 2019.

To keep up with what we’re doing, follow us @hermetic_arts on Twitter.

We love the Dark Arts, Horror, Cryptozoology, Mischief, Science Fiction, and Odd Stuff. If you’re interested in knowing more, or getting involved, contact us at info@hermetic-arts.co.uk


Carrie Marx

Co-writer of the musical happy (with Thom Sellwood, produced by Quite Nice Theatre at Reading Fringe 2016 and VAULT 2017), and writer of The Segue Sisters in… Jailbirds (which she co-produced at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 with AlleyKat Productions). Founder of the musical comedy group The Segue Sisters in 2009, Carrie has worked extensively as an actor, singer, and musician in theatre and on the comedy and cabaret circuit. In 2017, she has been backing vocalist and musician on tour with Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen (Volume Too), played too many characters in Daisy Campbell’s four hour epic, Cosmic Trigger, brought happy to the King’s Head Theatre, Islington, as part of their Queer Season, and gallivanted about on tour, playing Princess Diana in Royal Vauxhall.

Chris Lincé

Directed Success Story by Brett Goldstein and Restitution by Emily Juniper (London and Edinburgh), and short pieces for Ugly Sister Productions/The Story Project. Story editor on the feature film SuperBob (dir: Jon Drever, 2015), and has developed and directed numerous stand-up comedy shows (including four with comedian Brett Goldstein). He has also created music videos for Pig With The Face Of A Boy, Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury, Isabel Fay, Tara Flynn, The Segue Sisters, Phil Nichol, and Jess Robinson.



HermeticArtsTriangle_01THE TRIANGLE OF ART:  This symbol represents the protected space outside the magic circle, into which spirits are compelled to appear in Solomonic ritual magic. Its function is to concentrate the spirit being invoked into one space so that it can be seen visibly. The purpose of the triangle is to keep the manifested entity contained.

HERMETIC ARTS is committed to protecting its audience from any entities that may be manifested.

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